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$1M in Sensitive Military Equipment Stolen from Fort Campbell, KY will be Sold on eBay

According to top Military Brass over a million dollars worth of sensitive military weapons and equipment was stolen from Fort Campbell, Kentucky to be sold on various black market forums including the popular auction site eBay.

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A civilian has been charged with reselling much if the stolen United States Federal Government property, and he's currently the defendant in a Federal Trial.

Days into the trial the man claims that much of the equipment was shipped to Russia, China, Mexico, amongst other countries.

The type of equipment sold to foreign entities includes high powered assault rifles, machine guns, body armor, armor plating for military vehicles, generators for secluded operations, helmets, top secret sights for firearms including unreleased night vision and thermal lenses only available to the United States Armed Forces, and various medical equipment.

The civilian, John Roberts, of Nashville, Tennessee, now faces severe charges of wire fraud, conspiracy to steal and sell government property and violating the Arms Export Control Act.

So far amidst the investigations six United States soldiers and one other civilian have made plea deals with the Federal Government in exchange for their cooperation in assisting finding exactly where the equipment went.

Soldiers Michael Barlow, Jonathan Wolford, Kyle Heade, Alexander Hollibaugh, Dustin Nelson and Aaron Warner, all stationed at Fort Campbell, were named in the Indictment which has now been unsealed. Also charged are civilians John Roberts and Cory Wilson, both of Clarksville.

According to the indictment, the eight charged "sold certain U.S. Army equipment that is never offered for sale by the U.S. Department of Defense as surplus" in 2013.

The men sold "firearm components, advanced communications headsets and laser or optical sights."

The equipment was classified by the Defense Department as "DEMIL D," meaning that it must be destroyed by the military and cannot be sold elsewhere.

U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee David Rivera is prosecuting the case, where those involved could receive life in prison or even possibly the death sentence for their treasonous crimes against America.


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