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Watch : Florida Clerk Thanks God after Bullet from Robber Barely Misses his Head

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A convenience store clerk at a business in Riverview, Florida is lucky to be alive today after a failed murder attempt during a robbery.

The clerk says he thanks God and that it's a miracle the bullet missed him, whizzing by his head and striking a pack of cigarettes on the shelves directly behind him.

He says he was going about his day as he would any other when two masked criminals came into the store demanding cash.

In the surveillance footage you can see the clerk complying the entire time, with his hands above his head as the thugs ransacked the register and grabbed whatever they felt entitled to steal.

All the while one of the masked men standing across the counter had a gun pointed at the clerk, while the second thief made off with cash and other unidentifiable goods.

Towards the end of the video it appears that the masked man across the counter intended to kill the clerk, turning his head away and pulling the trigger.

You can see the gun fire and the clerk in utter shock as God protected him from what would have been a fatal robbery.

The unnamed suspects fled in a getaway vehicle and both were later apprehended by police.

According to law enforcement each of the criminals now face two counts of aggravated robbery and the gunman who pulled the trigger also faces an attempted murder charge as well.


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