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Justice For 5-Year Old Christian Girl In Muslim Foster Family

The Times of London notified us of some wonderful news today. Many of our readers were shocked to hear that a five year old Christian girl had been ordered to have her Christian cross removed and go live with a Muslim foster family in London, where the mother wears a niqab (Muslim clothing covering the entire body).

You can read that story here:

Our colleagues at the Times are glad to report that the worldwide condemnation (one of our readers was quick to vent his anger at this clear injustice) has led to a quick reinstatement of the 5-year old with her family. As from now, the girl will be placed under the care of her maternal grandmother.

The child had been placed with no less than two Muslim families in six months, with the women in both cases covering their entire faces in public (meaning they are followers of the fundamentalist Salafi or Wahabi strain of Islam). The girl, when meeting her mother after a few months, had clearly become intoxicated with the culture. When asked, she said that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and “European women are stupid and alcoholic”.

However, the story was quick to blow up in the press and the local authorities immediately realized the wrongfulness of their ways.

The judge handling the case stated in a new review that the: “overriding concern [was] the welfare of the little girl”.

“You would presumably accept that the priority should be an appropriate, culturally matched placement that meets the needs of the child in terms of ethnicity, culture, and religion?”

Furthermore, the officials of Tower Hamlets, the London quarter where all this took place, insisted it had above all the “welfare of children at the heart of what we do” and claimed that they were embarrassed by the clear “inaccuracies” of this case in the press, but was “legally restricted from doing so”.

Us here at the Goldwater wish the little girl all the best.


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