By: Steve Dellar | 08-30-2017 | News
Photo credit: ALVRNC

Holy Shit! Russian Plane Near-Misses a Double Tornado

An astonishing video landed at our desks here at the Goldwater today. As you know, we are always on the lookout for remarkable material, and today delivered just that.

During an approach to the city of Sochi (which hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014) and Adler, right on the banks of the Black sea over Southern Russia, north of Turkey and Georgia, a passenger plane was filmed flying dangerously close to a series of tornadoes.

According to local newspaper the Sochi Express, some nine flights were delayed due to the harsh weather conditions in the area, whilst other planes were being diverted to airports in the nearby Russian cities of Anapa and Krasnodar.

Sochi is a well-known beach resort for Russians but this time they were faced with a massive summer storm which caused multiple tornadoes to form.

A local plane spotter counted no less than 12 tornado formations over the Black Sea at a certain point which were making their way towards the city, whilst similar tornado formations had been seen in the region just two weeks ago.

For pilots, storms, tornadoes and strong winds can be quite disruptive to fly in due to the unpredictability of those. Planes coming in to land can experience severe turbulence due to this.

We are quite sure this video will go viral soon as it is being picked up by several news outlets, and as one Youtube commenter was keen enough to remark: ‘this is the end of times’.


There are several videos of windy conditions to land in related to this, the most noticeable that of a Lufthansa Boeing A320 which experienced ‘wingstrike’ (wings hitting the runway) whilst trying to land at Hamburg Airport, Germany, amidst wind gusts of 54 miles per hour. Though that footage is tough to watch, we can assure you no one was hurt and the plane eventually touched down on another runway than it was supposed to.

That footage here:


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