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UK stands by the USA - refuses to rule out military action over North Korea

In no uncertain terms, the United Kingdom government of Theresa May re-affirmed their commitment to the USA as an ally and stated that military action over the actions of North Korea could not be ruled out at this point.

Mrs. May, who heads a Conservative and Northern Irish Unionists coalition government said: “The actions of North Korea are illegal, they are significant actions of provocation, it’s outrageous, that’s why we will be redoubling our efforts with our international partners to put pressure on North Korea to stop these illegal activities.”

The UK meanwhile agrees with the government of the USA that the key to this problem lies with China.

The UK Prime Minister was quoted: “China has a key role to play in this… I have said this to President Xi, I know others have as well, we think that China has that important role to play and we would encourage China to do everything it can to bring pressure to bear on North Korea to stop this. The UK is looking at the discussion around further sanctions and the sort of change that China can bring. We see China as being the key in this.”

The UK’s message of support to the US government of President Trump comes just after the emergency meeting of the United Nations had condemned North Korea's "outrageous" firing of a ballistic missile over Japan on Tuesday, and demanded that the regime in the North Korean capital Pyongyang immediately halt its weapons program. The United Nations Security Council did hold off on any threat of new sanctions.

President Trump has stated that “all options are on the table” at this point.

The UK’s war ministry also refused to rule out any use of cyber warfare. A Whitehall (the Uk ministries building) source even stated that cyber warfare might already be in use, saying: “If we were doing that we certainly wouldn’t be telling you.”


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Anonymous No. 7311 2017-08-30 : 09:32

I wish the American Army had Range Rovers.

Dawson No. 7315 2017-08-30 : 10:38

Humvees are so much better.

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