By: Kyle James | 08-30-2017 | News
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Chemical Plant Is Evacuated, Officials Say Serious Potential For Explosion

Officials in Crosby, Texas have evacuated workers and residents after massive flooding brings fears of a possible explosion at Arkema chemical plant. The plant was shutdown in anticipation of the landfall of Hurricane Harvey since last Friday when it made touched down. So far, the location has received over 40 inches of rainfall and the back-up generators have been overwhelmed with water. A skeleton crew of 11 people stayed behind for several days but Tuesday the decision was made to evacuate all remaining personnel.

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The amount of floodwater in Crosby is unprecedented for the area and no measures have been needed to prepare for the amount of water brought by the storm. Authorities are monitoring the temperature of each refrigeration container remotely but they say they don't believe there is any imminent danger. Despite the authorities efforts to downplay the seriousness, those who work at the plant say there is a very real potential for a chemical reaction leading to a fire or explosion within the plant.

Arkema manufactures organic peroxides at the plant in Crosby and these products need to be stored in low temperatures to remain stable. Plant officials are considering the risk serious enough to evacuate the surrounding area, there must be enough potential for disaster. If rising floodwaters continue at the pace they are going there is a very real potential for chemicals to be leaked into the environment. Arkema can't be the only plant at risk, it is likely the damage will reach trillions before the tropical storm subsides.


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