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Border Patrol finds 140 Packages of Methamphetamine Hidden inside Roof and Gas Tanks of Cars

The United States Border Patrol doesn't get the credit it deserves from the mainstream media, in fact those Federal Agents get almost no credit at all.

Ask yourselves when the last time you saw CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, or MSNBC even report on the daily victories that the agents make in combating both illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels?

It's a strategy that the media has made in order to discredit the nonstop winning of the United States Government under President Trump, but the winning is endless regardless of what they refuse to report.

Behind the scenes these agents are helping to Make America Safe Again, a focal point of the Trump Presidency.

Recently the El Centro Sector of the United States Border Patrol, and Agents from the Indio Station were assigned to a Highway 86 Checkpoint in California.

During the weekend long checkpoint those agents arrested three women who were suspected of drug smuggling in three separate events which the media hasn't reported at all.

The first victory occurred on Friday night when agents say that a 2008 Saturn Outlook being driven by a 37 year old woman approached the checkpoint on Highway 86.

Due to their skill in spotting those who seem paranoid or suspicious, Agents then referred the vehicle to a secondary examination point for further inspection.

At the secondary inspection, a Border Patrol detection canine team then targeted something inside the vehicle.

After an extensive search of the interior, Border Patrol Agents discovered a whopping 92 packages of narcotics hidden inside the roof of the Outlook.

The Agents then removed the 92 packages from the vehicle, which they determined that 90 of those packages tested positive for methamphetamine, and two packages tested positive for cocaine.

The methamphetamine had a complete weight of 102.23 pounds and the cocaine had a total weight of 5.3 pounds. Which according to the agents had a total estimated street value was $319,175.

The female driver, the vehicle, and the narcotics were then turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for further investigation.

The next incident occurred yesterday afternoon at the same Checkpoint.

Special Agents say that at approximately 3 PM, a 35 year old woman approached the checkpoint at Highway 86 in a 2006 Ford Focus, who was also suspicious.

The Agents referred the woman to secondary inspection for a closer examination, as is the common practice when an agent is alerted to irregular behavior.

After an intensive search of that vehicle, agents found what they described as 30 cylindrical shaped bundles underneath the trunk of the vehicle.

The packages later tested positive for the characteristics of high grade Methamphetamine which had a total weight of 32.36 pounds with an estimated street value of $80,912.

The final incident also happened yesterday evening when a 50 year old woman pulled up to the Highway 86 checkpoint in a 2010 Toyota Camry.

When she arrived a K-9 team went ballistic towards the gas tank of the vehicle, prompting Agents to refer the woman to the secondary point for further inspection yet again.

This time however after inspecting the gas tank with a fiber optic scope agents observed multiple objects inside the gas tank.

Border Patrol Agents were able to retrieved 28 well protected packages that tested positive for the properties of methamphetamine.

The total weight of the specialty wrapped packages inside the gasoline tank was 42.22 pounds which have an estimated street value of $105,550.

This woman however was a United States citizen, believed to have been driving for a Mexican drug cartel.

Her vehicle and the methamphetamine were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration who took the woman into custody for further interrogation.

The United States Border Patrol says that so far in the fiscal year of 2017, the El Centro Sector has seized more than 1,345.65 pounds of methamphetamine and 482.30 pounds of cocaine, taking tens of millions of dollars away from the Mexican drug cartels at the hands of just one small Border Patrol unit.


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