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Muslims Raising $10,000 For Tropical Storm Harvey Flood Victims in Houston

Houston’s Muslim community is stepping up to help residents of the disaster-struck state by opening the doors of mosques, helping with rescue efforts and even raising $10,000 for flood victims. Dozens of mosques have opened their doors to people misplaced by the flooding. They are also working tirelessly to help to ferry the victims to higher ground.

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The Muslim community in America has largely been an isolated group and usually when they are in the headlines it is for some conflict or act of vandalism against them. It is very encouraging to see the community working side by side with the other residents of Texas who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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The mosques that have opened their doors are also providing food, water, blankets and other supplies to the victims. MJ Khan is the president of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston and he is pleased by the way the communities have come together, "In the whole Greater Houston area, people are helping people; neighbors are helping neighbors and we are trying everything we can to help people." Khan went on to say in his interview with Middle East Eye, "We are required – it is an obligation for Muslims – to help our fellow human beings regardless of whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims."

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The torrents of rain have dealt trillions of gallons to the already overwhelmed water ways of Texas and there is no sign of relenting yet. Some places have received over 50 inches of rain. At least 11 people have been confirmed dead from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and dozens more may be missing and in need of help. Boating crews composed of boys as young as 15 to coast guard personal are working together to migrate the flood victims to safer grounds.


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