By: Earnest Jones | 12-11-2016 | News
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FBI Disagrees With CIA’s ‘Russian Hacker’ Report: Who’s, Right?

The corporate media has a track record of being used by the oligarchist and the elites to further their hidden agenda. The mainstream media tried to pull this biased approach in the presidential election like it has been the trend for decades, this turned out against the media as most Americans have lost their trust in the Media after president-elect Donald Trump won the election, contrary to the false polls and the fake news that the presstitute was busy spreading. Following Trump’s victory, the liberal mainstream media is making attempts to spread the notion that Russia was behind the Democratic National Committee’s emails without evidence.

The FBI and the CIA disagree completely about this false claims. This comes after CIA gave Capitol Hill Senators an assessment of what it claims is a feeling of Russia’s role in the just concluded presidential election.

The Democratic and Republican Senators demanded a conclusion from the CIA on what exactly Russia wanted, the CIA made claims that Russia intended to interfere with the American election to help president-elect Donald Trump win the election against the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

This came a week after the Senate Intelligence Committee held a meeting with senate. However, the FBI disagreed with the CIA claims terming them as bald, direct and unqualified. The FBI also added that the CIA investigations were ambiguous and fuzzy and that the FBI was not on the same page regarding the issue.

The FBI is more reliable since it operates based on tangible evidence to prove any allegations beyond any reasonable doubt, this is what leads to arrest. This is totally different from the CIA’s mode of operation. There is thus a clear reason as to why the messages from both organizations differ, due to cultural differences between the FBI and CIA.

The CIA on the other hand draws conclusions from behavior rather than concrete and tangible facts that can lead to arrests. As compared to CIA, FBI think along the lines of criminal standards answering the crucial question on whether the issue at hand can be proved in court. On the other hand, CIA evaluates the majority of the intelligence and then they make judgement calls to aid policymakers to reach informed decisions on the issue of concern.

It’s therefore important to ask yourself which source is more reliable? The Central Intelligence Agency with their instincts and extrapolations Or the Federal Bureau of Investigation with their concrete evidence with proven facts.

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