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Belgian Military to Change Patrol Routes

Due to the immense increase of physical terror attacks against Belgian security forces which seemingly have no end, Belgium has been forced to change its patrolling tactics in order to secure the existence of their people and a future for their children.

According to the newly appointed Commander of Belgian’s premier land forces; such a shift in tactics are necessary to not only ensure troops will move around more often and change patrol routes but be prepared to drill into the minds of their soldiers the readiness and ability to defend at any given time.

Many of the changes occurred after a series of terror attacks against soldiers and police in Belgium, Britain, and France have led the military’s top brass to take such a decisive protective stance as to virtually shut down any threat at a moment's notice.

In a recent interview, new Commander General Marc Thys said, “What we do see. And that’s why we want to be more mobile, is that when you’re unpredictable and more mobile, you’re a lot safer.”

“So you can do your job a lot better. It can be more effective. That’s why we want to work like that,” said the General.

General Thys went on to add, “Everybody who wears a uniform, attracts people who want to do bad things,” said Thys. “We are trained for it so we know how to react so it is better that they attack maybe a soldier than a civilian.”

In neighboring France, there have been over a dozen terror attacks on both soldiers and police since just the year 2015.

Recently there was the major attack with a radicalized Islamic terrorist who took it upon himself in the name of Jihad to drive a car into soldiers in Paris.

Also this past Friday another Jihadi attacked the police with a sword in London, where such attacks are becoming a common occurrence due to the incompetent leadership allowing an invasion.

Not to mention that also in Brussels, a similar Jihadi armed with just a knife attacked the police attempting to slash them which resulted in them having to shoot the terrorist dead.

Belgium is trying to ensure that it doesn't become the disaster that the rest of Europe has now allowed to exist in terms of security.


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