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"I'm a Good Man"

We know the same song and dance, we hear it tirelessly from these dangerous thugs no matter how serious their crimes : “I wuz a gewd boi. I dindu nuffin wrong.”

A Michigan man who was recently arrested for the sexual trafficking of a fifteen year old girl, swore in the courtroom that he's not a criminal.

Contrary to his remarks however, Malik McCaster is being charged by federal authorities after he held a girl captive in his cousin’s Outer Drive home for a week straight forcing the child to perform sex acts on random men while he drugged her, and made her pose for sexually explicit pictures which he shared as ads on Craigslist for her prostitution.

According to the initial court complaint,prosecutors allege that the young teen met McCaster at a fireworks show earlier this summer and was offered a ride home by him.

Once she stepped into his car however, the monster smashed her cell phone out the window, punched her repeatedly, and had the inner locks removed from his doors so she couldn't escape.

Yes it was something out of a kidnapping horror movie introduction, except this wasn't a scary movie, this was a real life nightmare.

“McCaster assaulted her and told her he would kill her if she tried to leave,” the complaint stated, suggesting he struck fear into the teenage girls heart after punching her.

Sanilac County police responded to an emergency 911 call from the Gemini Motel in Redford Township a few weeks later after the victim escaped.

She broke free and then alerted a motel occupant that she was the victim of a kidnapping and had been held against her will.

When police finally arrived to the scene McCaster allegedly attempted to flee, but was later stopped and arrested.

According to his attorney, James Gerometta, McCaster has been jailed without bond since being charged federally on July 31st.

His charges include child sex trafficking, kidnapping, child exploitation and possessing or producing child pornography.

Just last week however, McCaster appeared for a potential bond hearing in front of a Federal Judge, where he proclaimed his innocence in a handwritten letter to the judge.

He attempts to underscore that he is not a criminal suggesting that the charges “are not accurate. I am no saint nor am I perfect. I ask that you Judge me as an innocent man until proven guilty. I am 21 years of age with no felony history and I plan on keeping it that way.”

In the letter to the Judge, even after being accused of the violent kidnapping, sexual abuse, torment, and enslavement of a child this savage actually had the audacity to ask the court to release him.

Seemingly the man believes he “has a job he needs to get back to” and that he has “schooling he needs to attend” as if he expects the courts to release him without any justice for his terrifying crimes against a minor.

Not only is this thug a pedophile, a rapist, a drug dealer, and a producer of child pornography, but he's clearly suffering from the cultural marxist indoctrination that suggests black lives matter more than others, which is simply not the case under the law.


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stunbeam No. 7309 2017-08-30 : 09:17

You really think scum like this deserve a 2nd chance? I say prison for the remainder of his soon to be short, painful life.

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