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In an interview with ‘Fox News Sunday’, president-elect Donald Trump unveiled his plans on working and living arrangements as soon as he is inaugurated as the President of the United States. In a statement that Trump made to Chris Wallace from Fox News Sunday, the incoming commander in chief made it clear that he was going to live in the White House with his family. Trump confirmed that his wife Melania and their 10-year-old Barron will be staying in the White House.

Trump also revealed that he had plans underway to include his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner in his administration. However, Barron and Melania would be joining Trump in the White House after the first few months. Trump said that this was after Barron is done with school for the year.

Trump said that Barron has to finish school since he has a couple of months to go and it would be a little hard to take him out of school. Chris Wallace asked Trump if he could be lonely rattling around the White House all alone but Trump responded by saying that White House was a special place and that it represents so much ,but he would be so occupied working adding that there was so much to do than he had conceptualized before. He emphasized on his campaign slogan saying that there was so much that his administration can do to make America Great Again.

Trump said that since he’ll be working, he won’t be lonely at all. He also told Wallace that he had plans of handing over his businesses to his three adult children; Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. However, Trump said that his administration was considering how they can include Ivanka and her husband in discharging some roles in his administration.

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