By: Earnest Jones | 12-12-2016 | News
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Trump Is A Smart Person He Can Skip Intelligence Briefings

President-elect Donald Trump held an interview on Sunday with Fox News in which he acknowledged that he was not receiving daily intelligence briefings. However, Trump argued that he doesn’t need daily briefings since he’s a smart person.

Trump made it clear that he only gets briefings when he needs to, he also insisted that he doesn’t have to get repetitive stories insisting that he’s smart enough and that being told the same things in the same words every day for the next eight years was not appropriate for him. Trump concluded that he doesn’t need that.

The misguided CIA which works with the establishment or rather is a puppet of the oligarchist made a false report to the U.S. senators last week claiming that Russia used cyberattacks to meddle with presidential election. In what appears to be a move by losing the Democrats, they are using CIA to make excuses for their loss in the just concluded election. However, Trump made his comments two days after the Washington Post made the above report. The president-elect slammed the Intelligence community as he described them as the same people who falsely accused Saddam Hussein of having weapons of mass destruction.

The same presstitutes that’s being used by the oligarchist and the establishment aired an interview around the same time when Trump was having his interview showing a group of bipartisan senators who were falsely alarming Americans in a bid to spread fear following the CIA findings.

The Intelligence Community is trying to mess with Trump’s agenda on improving the relations between U.S. and Russia. Trump has severally signaled his intention to improve ties with Russia. It’s therefore obvious that the intelligence community is formulating false claims to counterattack Trump’s agenda.

The Democrats are trying to get stories to explain Clinton’s loss, but everyone knows the truth. The American people are tired of oligarchists who think they are entitled to power.

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