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Photo credit: Polk County Police Department | Facebook

Georgia Police find Dogs in "Worst Case of Animal Cruelty they've Ever Seen"

Animal lovers and dog enthusiasts be warned, this is a heartbreaking story coming out of Georgia today.

Polk County law enforcement say they're seeking answers after discovering 60 to 70 dogs on a property in Aragon, Georgia who were malnourished and abused.

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Several posts were made onto the Polk County Police Department’s Facebook page displaying videos of the poor canines and the efforts of police to try and rescue them from the horrifying conditions in which they were living under.

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In the videos you can see several dozen dogs which are lost roaming throughout the woods in search of food and water, many bearing skin and bones looking as if they're on their last leg of survival.

It's a terrible scene, that leaves people wondering who can treat these beautiful creatures so wrong to begin with.

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The Polk County Fire Department also came to the dog's aid in loading a water truck into the woods to ensure they had fresh and cold water in order to replenish their thirst.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd stated in a personal post on Facebook that “None of these dogs are vicious. I have petted every one of them myself.”

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Most of the dogs, many seemingly still puppies, appear to be some variation of pitbull breeds.

Chief Dodd has said that the department planned to find new homes the dogs Tuesday.

Already hundreds of locals including animal shelters have pledged their full support in the comments, and many individuals pleaded with rescuers to see if any of the dogs were their own lost pets.

Several others volunteered to help by assisting on scene at the site to socialize with the animals until they could be safely removed and placed into new homes.

“I wanted the public to see what kind of shape these dogs are in and how they’re being treated,” Dodd said. “Hopefully this will also help in court.”

No information about the suspects in this case have been released as of yet but it's most certainly clear that someone will be facing major charges over these crimes.

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