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Patient Claims Doctor Fondled Her Breasts, Groped And Kissed Her

A doctor in San Diego stands accused of abusing his position as a psychiatrist and making sexual advances on a patient despite her efforts to stop him. Dr. Leon Fajerman allegedly placed a female patient's appointment card on her breast, then kissed and fondled her according to new details revealed in a judge's ruling. The new details come from Administrative Law Judge Abraham Levy's ruling after he determined the doctor "took advantage of [the patient’s] vulnerability and dependence on him for treatment of her psychiatric condition."

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The judge suspended Fajerman's license on July 27 and his attorney tried to challenge the suspension at an August 14 hearing. Fajerman denies the woman's version of events but the Medical Board of California described him as a "sexual predator." Among the evidence submitted to convict the doctor are two tape-recorded phone calls between he and the patient. After the incident occurred on October 19, 2016, the victim reported it to the authorities who then arranged the calls and recorded them. The victim has chosen to remain anonymous and asks to be referred to as S.D. in during public discourse. S.D. described the contact between her and Fajerman in court documents saying he "began rubbing her breasts and telling her that it felt good. It did not feel good and pulled away from him…He kissed her on the lips and on the neck. Further, Dr. Fajerman placed his hand under S.D.'s dress and touched her vagina… He suggested she return the next week when nobody would be in his office, in order to have sex."

The transcript of the phone calls monitored by law enforcement revealed Fajerman's guilt when confronted by S.D. "To my knowledge, nothing really happened," the doctor said. S.D. interrupted him and asserted that he had touched her inappropriately to which Fajerman responded, "…and you did not like it?" Bob Frank, Fajerman's attorney, told NBC 7 news that his client "looks forward to a full evidentiary hearing on the claims of this patient." The evidence will most likely result in a conviction and permanent loss of the doctor's medical license if not jail time. The hearing is set for sometime in September.

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