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Utah Woman Found Guilty After Locking 12-Year-Old Son In Feces Covered Bathroom For A Year

A woman in Utah has been found guilty of child abuse after locking her severely malnourished 12-year-old son in a feces covered bathroom for a year. The poor boy weighed only 30 pounds when he was discovered locked in the bathroom by his father and taken to the hospital. 36-year-old Brandy K. Jaynes has been sentenced by Fifth District Judge Eric Ludlow to up to 45 years in prison Monday afternoon. Jaynes' son was found to have protracted loss of use of limbs as a result of the malnutrition he suffered at the hands of his mother.

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Judge Ludlow told Jaynes' that her actions were "deplorable" and said she inflicted abuse on her child that "no child should be subjected to." Ludlow went on to say at the trail, "I've been doing this for 30 years, (and) I've never seen anything like this. It's unbelievable, quite frankly." Evidence from the crime scene and the victim's testimony indicates that the boy was held in isolation for 7-8 years. The victim was not present in the courtroom but his statement was read aloud. "Instead of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would only get one meal of a couple of hot dogs every other day for months," the boy's statement said. "I felt frozen when I was drenched with ice cold water in the winter."

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The boys statement went on to describe feelings of anger, frustration and, especially, confusion. "She did horrible things to me, but she's still my mom," the boy's statement said. "I feel safe now. I started feeling safe when I got away from her." Even Jaynes' defense attorney, Edward Flint, could not defend her actions, "It's impossible to put a shine on this case," he said. "It's baffling that the family members didn't do anything." It is amazing that the boy even survived so many years of abuse. Currently the victim and two siblings are in state custody. J


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