By: Savannah Smith | 12-11-2016 | News
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Gun Rights Advocates Led By NPR Send Their Wish List to " Santa Donald"

During the presidential campaign, the National Rifle Association (NRA) put their money where their mouth is, or more precisely where their love for guns is. They chose, campaigned and spent generously for Republican Donald Trump. Now that Trump has won and will take over the White House just a little over a month from now coupled with Christmas in the horizon, the NRA is making a list and they are checking it twice, and sending to "Santa Donald" who will have the power and influence to grant NRA's wishes.

The NRA spent $30 million in their endorsement of Trump, and now, the group is expecting some productive " return" on their campaign investments. NRA is also not shy in reminding everyone that " gun owners made this election happen", as spoken by NRA chief Wayne La Pierre in a video address following the election.

Top on the Christmas wish list of NRA is ensuring that a Supreme Court justice supportive of the Second Amendment principles is nominated to replace the late conservative justice Antonin Scalia. Trump has given his commitment on this during the campaign as he said that the U.S. is the only country in the world that has a Second Amendment and that is why he found it imperative to protect such freedom.

Next on the NRA's 'wish list' is a legislative policy that would make reciprocity a reality, and allow law-abiding gun owners to carry their guns out- of-state. A Californian gun owner, for example, who has a concealed gun permit should be allowed to travel to Washington with the firearm.

Many gun rights advocates are confident they will secure enough votes to pass the reciprocity bill. They are also considering getting support from Democrats from state where gun rights are very strong, enough reason for the lawmakers to break with their party stance on this case.

The Gun Owners of America (GOA) supports NRA's push for reciprocity, while adding more items to their own related gun rights wish list for President-elect Donald Trump and his coming administration. Top of this is the call to allow armed teachers to carry guns in school.

GOA's legislative counsel Michael Hammond said gun-free school zones make students " sitting ducks" because there is no one to defend them in case of unfortunate mass shooting.

The Gun-Free School Zones Act incidentally was introduced by then Sen.Joe Biden ( D-Pa) which prohibits firearms near schools. The Supreme Court struck down a provision of the law in 1995, but Congress was able to issue a similar version just a year later. Hammond said that Trump could argue for the unconstitutionally of the federal gun ban in schools and refuse to prosecute schools that violate it.

Completing the GOA's wish list are for Trump to weaken federal background check requirement for existing concealed carry permit holders; to enact legislation that would eliminate funding for anti-gun states such as states that have a gun ban or confiscation program, gun registry or ammunition law; and to make it easier for hunters to obtain sound suppressors by removing these devices from the National Firearms Act and loosening regulations which can be achieved through legislation.

Gun rights advocates led by NRA are confident that just as they delivered for Trump during the campaign and his eventual election, the 45th American President would reciprocate, play Santa Donald and grant their wish list, with the cooperation of Congress, to trigger their happiness.

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