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YouTube Takes Down Joy Villa's Make America Great Again Video

Recent actions by online streaming platform YouTube are giving the impression that they want to silence people supporting Trump or being overly 'pro-America'. Joy Villa is known for her unapologetic support for President Trump and her song 'Making America Great Again' is named after the Republican president's slogan. Recently she was given a notice from YouTube to remove her music video for 'Making America Great Again' in 48 hours for violating YouTube standards.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">YouTube is censoring views on <a href="">@KayaJones</a> video, yesterday it was 60K now it&#39;s 53k. What the hell? 😭😭😭NOW My MAGA video has been taken down!</p>&mdash; Joy Villa (@Joy_Villa) <a href="">August 26, 2017</a></blockquote>

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48 hours passed and Villa did not take down the video, sure enough it was removed by YouTube. The single was originally released on Independence day and YouTube had no issue with it until now. The song does use Trump's campaign slogan but it makes no actual mention of the president. In an interview with LifeZette Villa said, "Artists create the future, and right now I see a lot of destruction to our future. It's a love song to America."

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The music video for Villa's single 'Making America Great Again' shows American's from different racial backgrounds smiling, many of whom are working or going about their normal daily routine. Villa defiantly re-uploaded the video after it's removal and was informed the video would need to be edited or it would be removed in 48 hours. Villa told YouTube that she had personally obtained written consent from every person featured in the video but YouTube responded in a letter saying, "we cannot accept or review agreements granting consent before the video was uploaded." YouTube eventually revealed the time stamp of the video that would need to be removed and Villa blurred the woman's face on that time stamp.

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Villa says it seems odd that this person would have complained about the video because she appears twice in the video yet Villa was only forced to edit one of her appearances. In an interview with The Blaze Villa said, "The video's been up for a few weeks, yet no one said anything until now. YouTube is censoring Pro America artists."

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