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Black 15 Year Old Serial Rapist in Indiana believed to have Stabbed Woman to Death

Authorities in Hammond, Indiana say that a serial rape suspect who was taken into custody is also believed to have horrifically stabbed a woman to death.

Lake County Courts have issued a gag order in the case due to the thug’s age but the Mayor of Hammond, Thomas McDermott did not hold back when describing the monstrous acts of this violent savage.

"Depraved young man. I talked to the officers who arrested him and there was ice blood, there is basically ice water in his veins. Described to me as a sociopath," Mayor McDermott said.

The criminal youth has already been charged with two separate rape incidents that occurred over this last summer.

Police said the two violent sexual assaults occurred on July 26th around 12 PM in the 6700 block of Grand Avenue, and again later on August 8rh around 12 AM in the 7400 block of Arkansas Avenue.

In each of the cases, police said the victims were out walking when they were approached by the suspect who attacked them and forced them into an alley only to rape the women.

The first victim is a 14 year old juvenile whose age and identity police are withholding. The second victim is 25, police said.

The 25 year old's rape was partially captured on a surveillance video. That victim gave a full account of what she said happened when the savage assaulted her.

"The next thing I know, as soon as I hit the corner I just felt somebody snatch me up in a headlock," said the victim, who said she was on her way home from work.

"He dragged me to the alley. He asked me if I had money, he snatched my phone. I walked with him 'cause I couldn't turn around, I couldn't run, couldn't do nothing. He told me not to scream," she said.

Once in the alley however, behind her neighborhood, the attack became violent and sexual.

"He pushed me down and started snatching my pants off, snatching his pants off," she said.

She said he held an unidentified weapon against her throat, possibly a hunting knife, and threatened to beat her with a hammer.

"When I noticed it was going to get sexual, I said, 'Whatever you want, I'll give it to you.' I have stuff on my person, you can have it. That didn't stop him, he kept going," she said.

Eighteen minutes after he first threw her into the alley he let her go. Surveillance cameras show her walking away by herself after the rape.

"It was dark so I can't tell nobody how he looks, I can't tell nobody a description because I don't know," she said.

The Indiana State Police Crime Lab confirmed that the DNA evidence from the rapes links the suspect to both crimes.

He was taken into custody this past Friday and probable cause affidavits were presented to the Lake County, Indiana Juvenile Prosecutor's Office where formal charges are pending for those cases.

Now however investigators believe the same suspect was involved in the horrific stabbing death of a mother of three.

25 year old Lucia Gonzalez was killed in her home while all three of her children slept in their beds.

Officers say they responded just before 6 AM on August 22nd to Lucia Gonzales' home in the 7500 block of Alexander Avenue.

Lucia's 6 year old son found his mother's dead body in the kitchen covered in blood and went next door with his 1 and 2 year siblings, investigators said. A neighbor then called police to report the murder.

The Lake County Coroner's Office said that the death was a clear homicide with multiple stab wounds.

Authorities did not specify how they linked the rapist thug to the murder but that formal charges are also now pending for the death of the young mother.

"We have to file a petition to waive him into adult court. That takes time. That's not done yet. It could take possibly months maybe," Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter said.

The evil fifteen year old is currently being detained at the Crown Point Juvenile Detention Facility in Indiana, without a bond hearing being set as of yet.


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Cracker No. 7261 2017-08-29 : 04:02

When is this going to stop? They need to reinstate the death penalty so that there maybe some type of punishment that might make these blacks think before they rape and kill- also these single women should never walk alone-

Pete Picca No. 7280 2017-08-29 : 14:25

You were the ONLY ones on line who had the heart to mention the vermin's race, although it comes as no surprise to anyone he's black

Just me No. 7571 2017-09-04 : 11:37

Race has no factor in this hateful crime. You two sound like terroist! Really pathetic just like this deranged teen

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