By: Savannah Smith | 12-11-2016 | News
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Ivanka's Old Stalker Nabbed By Secret Service Agents A Block Away From Trump Tower

Ivanka Trump is not just a First Daughter to President-elect Donald Trump, but political observers are predicting that she is very likely to play an even more crucial and influential role than the First Lady. As such, securing Ivanka becomes doubly important now. Good thing, Secret Service agents are doing their job well.

An old stalker of Ivanka who has a creepy history of harassing her and her family has been arrested by Secret Service men in a hotel room located a mere block away from Trump Tower where Ivanka holds office.

Justin Massler, a mentally-ill man, pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment and criminal contempt charges in 2012 in relation to his stalking of Ivanka. Massler terrorized Ivanka by sending her a series of creepy emails, tweets and online videos and photos including one of himself covered in blood. At one point, he even threatened to commit suicide in Ivanka's Manhattan jewelry store.

Massler has admitted to a long fixation with Ivanka and once disclosed that his dream in life is to marry her. At the height of his two-year running obsession with Ivanka, he also shared his desire to " talk some sense into" Jared Kushner, Ivanka's husband. Massler also said he wanted to take over the New York Observer, which Kushner publishes.

He served six months in prison for his offenses against Ivanka and her husband. After his prison term, Massler was given five years of probation during which time he was expected to continue receiving psychiatric treatment and medication.

Massler was receiving the needed treatment in a Nevada mental health facility but fled in November. He was found in late November in Midtown Manhattan.

He is now staying in Bellevue Hospital but no charges against him have been filed. Authorities have not yet commented whether Massler's appearance in Manhattan near Trump Tower was an effort to revive his stalking of Ivanka, and if it has something to do with the heightened media visibility of Ivanka following her father's election victory.

Massler poses a threat to Ivanka because even after his arrest years ago and given a court order to stay away from Ivanka Trump, Massler continues with his attempts to contact her. Massler signed an order of protection barring him from any contact with Ivanka, her husband, her father Donald Trump and her siblings. Massler got in legal trouble again in 2014 when he emailed Kushner in violation of the restraining order.

Ivanka and her husband were reported to be scouting for a house in Washington, presumably in preparation for a transfer once Donald Trump takes over the White House. Sources close to the First Daughter has revealed Ivanka's intention to take on several advocacies including making climate change one of her " signature issues". She has been said to have played a crucial role in the meeting of the President-elect with climate change leading advocates Al Gore and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

With the moral support she is set to give America's 45th President as daughter, and whatever official capacity she will take on, Ivanka should and must stay safe all the time.

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