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Live: #Houstonstrong - Looting starts in Houston

Natural disasters tend to bring out the best in people. Scenes of neighbours helping each other, security service rescuing and helping whomever they can are all-over the internet right now, and rightly so.

Unfortunately for this great nation, natural disasters also bring out the worst in people. As we’ve reported earlier, and our readers were quick to comment, there was a widespread fear of residents leaving their homes that looting would begin as a certain point.

Police services have their hands full helping those in need, making a clear path for looters in this great city of Houston.

Just as the city is dealing with massive flooding and damage from hurricane Harvey, a video was uploaded to Facebook just now showing looters carrying televisions and several other items out of a store. You can see that video here:

Chief of Police Art Acevedo has stated that sadly some looters had indeed already been arrested, but wished to stress that these are isolated incidents. It is not clear if the suspects arrested are the same ones that appear in the video.

The Chief was quoted on ABC news: “We’ve already arrested a handful of looters. We’ve made it real clear to our community we’re going to do whatever it takes to protect their homes and their businesses. And when people come from the outside to Houston, Texas, know we’re going to be out in the city, we’re not going to rest as a police department or law enforcement community until people restore their lives.”

Already last Friday a thug tried to raid a home in Corpus Christi, Texas. Unbeknown to him the resident of that particular home had decided not to evacuate. The criminal was met with a shot in the head as my colleague Kyle James reported. You can read that story here:

The greatest fear of police forces right now is that they have to deal with looters on top of the disaster taking place.

We’ll keep you updated.


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