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Historic Colonel Crawford Statue in Ohio Beheaded by Cultural Marxists

A historic revolutionary war hero statue in Crawford County, Bucyrus, Ohio, had been assaulted and literally beheaded by Cultural Marxists who wish to defile and rewrite history.

Colonel William Crawford was a historical America figurehead, hailing from Virginia born in 1722.

In the year 1749 Crawford first met George Washington, who was mused by Crawford’s extreme height, standing at over six feet tall and built like a warrior.

George Washington and William Crawford hit it off from the moment they met and had a friendship bond that lasted over thirty years, as Crawford became one of Washington's closest advisers.

Crawford, as per the command of General George Washington, ventured into the west and surveyed thousands of miles of land, at which time he met with various Indian Tribes and became the hero of Ohio, as it would be later called.

The bond between Washington and Crawford deepened during the French and Indian War. Crawford fought with Washington at Braddock’s defeat near Fort Duquesne in July 1755. Three years later, they fought together again outside the walls of the fort, finally taking the post in November 1758.

Crawford went on to fight under Washington’s command at Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, and Germantown.

In 1780, Colonel Crawford returned to western Pennsylvania as the commander of American forces in the west. Exhausted from years of fighting, and hoping to retire to his home at Stewart’s Crossing just as Washington hoped to return toMount Vernon, Crawford resigned from the army in 1781.

But when raids continued on the western frontier, General William Irvine, the commander at Pittsburgh, asked Crawford to lead a 500 man expedition against Native towns along the Sandusky River in June 1782.

After several days of fighting in the swampy country near Upper Sandusky, Crawford was captured. He was stripped naked, tied to a post, and tortured for hours until he finally died.

When Washington received the “melancholy tidings” of the murder of his friend William Crawford, he remembered the colonel as “an officer of much care and prudence,” and wrote sadly to General Irvine, “I lament the failure of the expedition against Sandusky, and am particularly affected with the disastrous death of Colonel Crawford.”

After Crawford died he was forever remembered as a legend. The statue has been a signature of the region to represent the bravery of the new frontier and that which served under Colonel Crawford.

The Sheriff's Department alongside the community is deeply troubled by the beheading, a sign of the Communist agenda spreading forth into America bringing about anguish amongst patriots across the country.

Such a crime cannot go unpunished, and anyone with information leading to the arrest and inevitable ass kicking of the marxists responsible for this heinous act is urged to contact the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office at 419-562-7906.


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