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Race War in Arizona Prison as Riots Break-out

New reports are flooding in about a massive racially motivated riot which has broken out at the Douglas Correctional Facility in Cochise County, Arizona.

The Cochise County Sheriff's Office has said that around 8 PM last night they responded to emergency backup calls over a race war which resulted in massive violence at the Arizona Prison.

Officials from the prison said that inmates have essentially taken over the facility and are hurling boulders and stones at drivers who driving towards the Prison, which sits on the Arizona-Mexico border.

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The Cochise County Sheriff's Department, along with the Douglas Police Department, the Arizona Department of Safety and U.S. Border Patrol, were able to establish a protective perimeter around the facility to ensure the animals aren't able to escape their containment.

According to Andrew Wilder at the Arizona Department of Corrections, at least two unnamed groups clashing with one another at the Prison started the riots.

Four Correctional Officers were severely injured during the chaos trying to restore order and break up the riots, according to Wilder.

At least five inmates have been sent to nearby hospitals with potentially serious injuries, but there are no specifics as to who those individuals are at this time.

Wilder also said that the riots occurred at one of the facility's medium security “dormitory style” barracks, known as the Mojave Unit.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said that his Deputies are currently responding in tactical force to those inmates running rampant in the yard and expect to have full order restored immediately although the Prison Yard was still full of wild inmates at last update.

The facility, which sits on Highway 191 has had multiple Emergency Medical Service vehicles dispatched to its location as well on the case of more injuries or fatalities.

Just a few years ago, 300 White and Hispanic inmates fought against several hundred Black inmates at the now infamous Whetstone Arizona Prison in one of the most violent race wars in American Prison history.

While it cannot be confirmed that the same prison gangs are responsible for this battle it is most likely the occurrence as the rivals compete for territory and control of the underground Epsilon of street and prison crime.

Another fight between the same racially charged gangs has also occurred months prior to the Santa Rita unit of the Arizona Prison.

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A similar race war broke out in 2016 at the Golden Valley Complex in Arizona as well.

Such warring sects are repeatedly at each other's throats in a bid for competition and power.


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Anon No. 7243 2017-08-28 : 17:06

You shouldn't call them animals. They may very well be violent criminals, but they're still human. I've no love for Mexicans and blacks, but I feel sorry for them all the same. I feel sorry for anyone in prison. They'll become even worse criminals while there, and be used for cheap labor, perhaps indefinitely. The death penalty is infintely more humane and effective.

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