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France And Other EU Nations Signal Willingness To Begin Brexit Trade Talks

France and other nations in the European Union have given the signal they are willing to commence with Brexit trade talks. The talks could start as early as October and would be the first serious progress since the famous Brexit split. The news is the first possible hope of a path that could lead to a climbdown by the EU according to The Telegraph.

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Diplomats in France have made it clear they are interested in making progress after the Brexit talks have been deadlocked for months. The proposal being laid out by France encourages a request that the UK enter a three-year transitional deal whereby it continues to pay into the EU coffers and bows to EU law. The proposition will be a hard pill for some in the UK to swallow. Brexit after all was a movement to separate The United Kingdom from the European Union and paying taxes in any form will not go over well. Getting the UK to submit to EU law and pay into the EU budget is a job that may prove to difficult for even the most savvy politician.

Hardliners like Michel Barnier in Brussels and other politicians in Paris are opposed to such a deal. These hardline politicians are adamant that no trade talks commence until the Brexit divorce bill is finalized. A three-year deal such as the one proposed would present a significant boost for David Davis, the Brexit Secretary. Davis is scheduled to travel to Brussels on Monday for a face-to-face talk with Michel Barnier, the EU's chief negotiator in the Brexit affair.


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