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Drunken Man Rams into 27 Vehicles in Philadelphia

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Law enforcement in Philadelphia’s Oxford Circle neighborhoods says that an intoxicated man has rammed his vehicle into at least 27 unsuspecting cars.

Police say the incidents happened in two separate regions, with multiple cars being struck in each area.

The first set of accidents occurred along the 3000 block of Devereau Avenue around 3 AM early Sunday morning where the driver struck ten separate vehicles before speeding off.

According to witnesses the driver then hit several other vehicles amongst four separate streets between Oxford Circle and the city's Lawndale sections respectively.

"When we walked out to our car, we almost got to our car and this driver, smoke everywhere, was coming. He turned and we almost got hit by it," said Colton Hawk.

Hawk also said once he saw what had happened he then called emergency 911 to report the driver who had committed the crimes.

Another witness to the events on a separate street, Elizabeth Occhiolini, spoke of the chaos she witnessed as the man struck even more cars.

"He hit the black car first, and then he hit the red and the gray, and then his car turned sideways and caught on fire," Occhiolini said. "And then his car would only drive sideways, so he hit every car on both sides of the street."

Police officers said that witnesses said the apparently drunken driver eventually ditched the SUV he was driving and took off running on foot when they gave chase to the area he was suspected of hiding.

Law enforcement officers finally caught up with the 38-year-old on a drunken crime spree in the 7100 block of Large Street.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect but said he was facing a long list of charges including multiple felonies.


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