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Tragedy in Indiana after Two Year Old Dies in Horrific Accident

According to hospital officials a two-year-old boy in Lafayette, Indiana has died from his injuries sustained during a tragic accident brought forth his heart-wrenching demise.

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Two-year-old Logan Vanderkleed was in the back seat of a vehicle with the air conditioning on while his siblings taking a nap while his father, an Indiana Farmer, was working on a vehicle directly beside the children.

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While his father was working on the nearby vehicle, Logan managed to roll down the automatic window, get his neck stuck between the window and the car door, and roll the window up onto himself.

Apparently by the time his father found him he was not breathing, and his dad called emergency 911 while trying to revive his son with CPR.

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Logan was care flighted to nearby Riley Hospital for Children and doctors said he showed incredibly low levels of brain function due to the time frame doctors believed he was without oxygen before he was found.

On Monday, Logan still had a low-level of brain activity, but doctors did not declare him brain-dead.

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“I felt a strong urge to hold Logan,” his mother wrote on Facebook. “He just wanted his mommy. Moments after I got him, he took his last breath.”

Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries later in the week, after the emotional images of his family surfaced with him on Social Media display his long fight and their attempts to hold onto the life of their child.

The family said Logan’s organs will be used to save another family's child in the event of an unfortunate circumstance where the child could live or die based upon Logan’s gift to the world.

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Just an all around terrifying tragedy and goes to show that accidents can happen to even the best families and people. Heartbreaking images here remind you to never take your eye of your children for even a moment's notice.

We send our thoughts and prayers to the Vanderkleed family during this difficult time.

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