By: Earnest Jones | 12-11-2016 | News
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Trump Will Make America Healthy Again By Dismantling Dangerous Vaccine Mandates That Harm Children

The president-elect Donald Trump pledged to the American citizens that he was going to make America great again, he has already started fulfilling his promises to the U.S. citizens by the numerous job opportunities he has secured. However, the nation needs to be healthy for it to discharge its duties in building the economy. There’s a correlation between health and productivity and it remains a mystery whether Mr. Trump has this in mind. Trump ought to make America healthy again and this depends on how he will use his power in office regarding the health freedom of children across America.

The President-elect’s administration ought to drain the swamp as pledged. This will include abolishing the vaccine mandates that have employed by the regulatory establishment known as the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with state and international counterparts all whom main objective is to aggressively endorse mandatory vaccination with policies that don’t exempt any family.

In his presidential campaign, the president-elect pledged that he’s priority in the health sector was to repeal and replace Obamacare, this will be a crucial part of Trump’s reforms in the health sector. Despite the heavy lifting that will be required in reforming the Obamacare, Trump has expressed determination in repealing and replacing the misnamed Affordable Care Act.

The media has been used by the establishment to circulate the erroneous notion that questioning the toxic side effects or even having an open mind about vaccines is a crime. The media responds with outrage whenever questions are raised against the vaccines. This is because of the obvious fact that the big pharma is bribing the media with large sums of money so that they can spread the big lie.

The mainstream media which purports to be all knowing had posed a question to Donald Trump during the GOP presidential debate on the crucial question about how vaccines should be administered following the incidence where excessive vaccine dosage had caused autism in a patient. Trump responded by clarifying that vaccines should be given incrementally. Rand Paul and Ben Carson both of whom are doctors agreed with Trump on the issue.

Hillary Clinton was an advocate of mandatory vaccinations since she received donations from drug companies.

Trump has severally questioned the medical community over how they administer vaccines. In a tweet that he made back in 2014, Trump said that he was not against children being vaccinated but he said that he was against one massive dose. Instead he recommended that the vaccines should be spread out over a period of time and this will significantly reduce the autism levels.

This is a strong indication that Trump has an informed understanding of the necessary health reforms that need to be implemented. It’s necessary for Trump’s administration to revisit the 100-plus year ruling by nominating a health freedom supporter from the 21 potential nominees that he released in the campaign.

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