By: Earnest Jones | 12-10-2016 | News
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The Extinction Of The Mainstream Media Is Fast-Approaching

The American politics has been adversely affected by the forces of evil that are rampant in the mainstream media. This daunting forces are constantly pushing for the liberal agendas in a bid to influence the viewers. It’s so unfortunate that the mainstream media has found a way of brainwashing the U.S. citizens into believing that the Regressive left is the way to go.

The commentators and the wannabe experts employed by corporate media are setting themselves up for failure by advocating for lies and they know this very well. The 2016 presidential election exposed the presstitutes and their dirty tactics that they have employed for decades. The corporate media that is largely controlled by the establishment lied to the American people that Hillary Clinton was leading the polls and that she was popular amongst Americans; they went ahead and tried their best to attack the president-elect Donald Trump by publishing fake stories so that they could ruin his reputation. However, the election results proved otherwise when Mr. Trump won the presidential election.

The election results proved the mainstream media to be completely wrong. They then started blaming everyone except themselves despite the fact that they were responsible for spreading the fake polls and news that was formulated to mislead the American people. The presstitutes has spent a great deal of time trying to convince the middle America that they are racists; all this was meant to blindfold the average American so that people could comply with establishment.

This mistake that mainstream media did has and will cost them dearly since it will result in the extinction of the corrupt and biased mainstream media and this is what every American desire to see.

In a report from the MarketWatch that was written by Darrell, the media especially Newspapers have been affected by the digital revolution and the collapse of their economic model. The media made a terrible mistake for deliberately formulating the news in a biased way to favor the establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. The realization by the American people has stripped the corporate media of its legitimacy and a majority of the U.S. citizens no longer trust the media.

The corporate media lived by the sword and now it’s time for them to die by the sword. They tried to manipulate the average American by deceitful tactics and for the most part turned their backs against the U.S citizens and as a result the U.S. citizens have turned their backs on the mainstream media. Freedom and truth has finally got the victory and this has led to the death of the deceitful corporate media. The alternative media has proved it can deliver truth and unbiased information and hence alt-media is taking the place for the corrupt pressititutes. Truth and honesty will be restored in this country again.

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