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Odem, Texas Issues Nightly Looting Curfew

The city of Odem, San Patricio County, Texas issued a nightly curfew due to concerns of looting.

Mayor of the small town, Mr Billy Huerta declared that the police had responded to at least three separate calls from families reporting looters on their property. Police officers responded to the calls but in each case, didn’t manage to apprehend the suspects.

Three calls for looting in a town of not even 3,000 is quite a lot, hence the city officials decided to install a nightly curfew from 9pm last night till 6am this morning, ordering all citizens to remain indoors.

Police knew that a lot of the Odem residents had decided to ride out the hurricane and thus patrolled the city non-stop.

Mayor Huerta further declared that the city was literally littered with debris on all sides and that numerous structures, amongst which the San Patricio County Garage was most known, had been damaged. The city official stated that is was too soon to tell whether he would be demanding for help from the state relief fund to repair the damaged structure .

This was however the last of the town’s problems. Due to a major equipment malfunction, the Water District was unable to distribute water to the cities it serves. Odem is receiving water from the San Patricio Municipal Water District. As in other cities affected by the problem, Odem switched to water kept in storage tanks.

Although the town’s inhabitants were still without power, the city officials stated that the water grid remained operational Saturday night thanks to their foresight.

Mayor Huerta advises residents wishing to return to Odem to stay out of the city until the officials can restore power.

Looting is a widespread problem in Texas during any hurricane, just check our story from yesterday:

In it, we informed you that another looter was shot in the head during an apparent home invasion.


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