By: Savannah Smith | 12-10-2016 | News
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Who's Desperate For A-Listers Celebrities? Not Trump!

There's no denying that Americans are big on celebrities, top Hollywood stars most notably. The U.S. entertainment industry as such remains one of the biggest and most profitable businesses there is, in America and the world. It will be that way for as long as the public's love affair with movie stars, rock stars, music icons and celebrities, sports personalities, and others endures. No wonder then that celebrities are much sought-after during election, especially for something as historic as this year's presidential polls, for those much-valued political endorsements.

Hillary Clinton proved she wanted and needed the star power the celebrities bring, and relied on them to at least add excitement and buzz to her otherwise bland and lack- luster campaign. She thought the big time celebrity endorsements can compensate for her failure to inspire enthusiasm among the public, as well as make up for the missing strong, compelling campaign message. And indeed, huge celebrities showered their support and endorsement for Hillary all through out her campaign, from fund raising activities, to Twitter and online campaign to lending their presence in her campaign rallies to energize the crowds.

It achieved little for Hillary with her crushing defeat. Because in the end, Americans chose to separate showbiz fantasies from their concrete life realities. In contrast to Hillary, Donald Trump relied mainly on his own star power to excite the public. More importantly, he had the sense to know who this election is about: the people. He relied on strong messages, in knowing and talking about issues and concerns that directly affect the Americans such as jobs,security, health. He made sure they matter most. He also appealed to the public's sense of patriotism by promising to make America great again, and to involve them in that dream. And so he won an upset victory that shocked Hillary, her allies and the establishment.

And now at the height of preparations for President-elect Donald Trump's historic inauguration on January 20 next year comes the intrigues, rumors and speculations that his team is scrambling to get big time celebrities to perform at his inauguration and related celebratory activities after. Malicious reports say the team is failing miserably to do so. One online site even said that Trump's transition team in their desperation to enlist A-lister celebrities are even offering astounding talent fees to the tune of " name of your price" to government appointments just to lure the big stars to participate in the inauguration. The same report even claimed that no amount of begging from Trump's team could convince the stars and their handlers to give Trump a chance, avoiding him like the plague and rejecting to be part of his festivities on Inauguration Day. One outrageous quote even said " I won't do it. Not even for a billion dollars".

Trump's Presidential Inaugural Committee of course denied the outrageous report and firmly said no one from their official team is engaged in such conduct wildly described in the unsubstantiated report. Instead, the officials and members of Trump's inaugural team are focused on organizing an exciting and uniting collaboration of freedom and democracy while following all rules, regulations and appropriate standards of conduct.

Some popular names are being floated as having committed to attending and performing at Trump's inauguration including Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. There is no confirmation yet on the celebrities set to perform, but for Trump's team, whoever will perform would do so because of faith in Trump's abilities and in his call for unity for the country.

The President-elect has met with two of his trusted and long-time friends Mark Burnett and Thomas Barrack, Jr. in his Trump Tower in New York in part to discuss ideas for his inauguration. There were reported grandiose ideas floated and thrown about that's supposed to highlight Trump's signature " showmanship" style.

In the end, The Apprentice producer Burnett confirmed that the 45th American President wanted a subdued affair, and in fact preferred everything to be simple. Most importantly, as it was during the election, Trump insisted for it to be about the people.

Burnett added that as far as Trump is concerned, " it's not about putting on the most expensive talent, and spending that kind of money to ingratiate himself." After all, he's not forgotten and will never fail to appreciate the fact that he was elected on a populist message of " draining the swamp" of Washington.

As for the malicious claims of Trump and team desperate for A-listers to grace his inauguration, the biggest, most enlightening and compelling rejoinder came from ordinary Trump supporters themselves who reacted online with the argument: " Trump never needed those stars during his campaign, he won without them, what makes them think he would need them now?".

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