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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brussels Terrorist Attack

On Friday we informed you of another horrific attack in Brussels (Story here: ), and just as we already suspected, the press agency of the Islamic State terrorist organization has now confirmed that this attacker was one of theirs.

The terrorist, a 30-year old of Somali origin, crept up behind three soldiers who were patrolling in the center of the city and stabbed two of them with a machete whilst screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ twice.

As per the rules of engagement active in Belgium, the para’s responded with fire immediately. The attacker was neutralized and later died from his wounds in hospital. Two of the soldiers suffered minor injuries.

The man reportedly had come to Belgium in 2004 and was granted asylum in 2009, under the auspices of the then socialist led government. Belgium has since tightened its rules for granting asylum.

Furthermore, it was explained by the Brussels prosecutors that the terrorist had (no known ties to ISIS but that he had) committed assault and battery earlier this year.

Prime Minister Charles Michel, who leads a center-right coalition government, tweeted his congratulations: “All support for our military.” The Minister of Defense, Mr. Steven Vandeput, said that the military had acted “as they were taught to do”.

It is not the first time Brussels is faced with terrorism. Back in March of 2016, a terrorist cell of ISIS claimed the lives of 30 people blowing up parts of the airport and a metro station.

Three months ago, the military patrol also neutralized a terrorist who wanted to blow up the Brussels central station with an explosive belt.

A similar attack also occurred in London on Friday near Buckingham palace, the quarters of Queen Elizabeth. UK media reported that a suspect rammed into a police vehicle that was near the palace and then proceeded to attack police officers with a long sword. Here as well, the attacker was neutralized.

Law enforcement both on and off the European continent is responding with an ever greater resilience to any radical Muslim attacker on their soil. We can only concur that this is rightly so.


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Anonymous No. 7482 2017-09-03 : 03:01

no known ties to ISIS but that he had

Anonymous No. 7484 2017-09-03 : 03:11

Prime Minister Charles Michel, who leads a center-right coalition government

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