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#MayweathervMcgregor Floyd Wins! Conor Runs Out of Gas!

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The night of champions for the money title has came and gone, and Floyd Mayweather is now victorious over Conor McGregor in the match the entire world has waited for.

In an impressive fight, against all odds and against the implications of even the most talented boxing experts in the business, <i>this was a helluva boxing match folks</i>.

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The most anticipated fight of the year has now happened, and true boxing fans won't be let down with the grueling ten rounds of combat.

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In the opening rounds, Conor McGregor came out strong against the experienced ring tactician and shocked the world, landing heavy shots with amazing feet work.

It looked in the second and third rounds as if McGregor might have been able to pull off an upset, but the generalship of Floyd Mayweather prevailed as the fight went into the later rounds.

Mayweather is, in essence, the modern day Muhammad Ali, he pulls the <i>rope a dope</> and allows the biggest and strongest of fighters to wear themselves out with his amazing agility and footwork.

Conor began to tire to the point that even lifting his arms in the later rounds to defend himself was nearly impossible, and Floyd Mayweather smelled blood and capitalized on the situation.

The last two rounds of the fight, Floyd Mayweather was the better man, and inevitably broke away at Conor McGregor piece by piece until he could take no more.

It was a beautiful fight the entire first half, and then towards the ninth round, it was clear that the experience and the skillfully planned techniques of Floyd Mayweather to allow Conor McGregor to run out of gas were excellently planned.

Conor McGregor did, however, give it his all, but boxing in the ring for ten long rounds requires endurance that MMA offers in a few heavy rounds, but doesn't linger for the long haul.

In the tenth round, Conor McGregor looked like a drained soul barely able to grasp life, and eventually, the fight was stopped due to his inability to continue.

It was a well-composed victory for Floyd Mayweather, with a win by technical knockout.

Definitely, a fight to remember, and the last fight ever for Floyd Mayweather. He will now retire 50-0, undefeated, as a legend.

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Anonymous No. 7199 2017-08-27 : 16:59

rip mcgregor

Anonymous No. 7200 2017-08-27 : 17:14

mcgregor is for MMA, its a whole different world

Anonymous No. 7201 2017-08-27 : 17:19

Floyd should fight him in Octagon next!

Anonymous No. 7202 2017-08-27 : 17:52

I hope there will be rematch, inside Octogan of course :D

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