By: Savannah Smith | 12-10-2016 | News
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Spain To Send More Troops To U.S.-Led Fight Against ISIS in Iraq

Spain expresses its intentions to send an additional 150 soldiers and police to Iraq to provide further help and training to Iraqi security forces combatting the Islamic State group.

The new reinforcement will composed of 125 troops and 25 police officers that could form and join the U.S.-led coalition fighting the IS group. Spanish spokesperson IƱigo Mendez de Vigo has confirmed on Friday his country's plan for the additional forces.

For such plans to materialize, however, the Spanish Parliament must approve the decision. The defense ministry was also quick to clarify that the soldiers and police officers would not take part in any combat operations but would be limited to providing training to Iraqi forces.

Spain to date has 300 soldiers helping Iraqi forces by training them mostly in explosives handling, land mine clearance and logistics.

The U.S. leads the coalition fighting ISIS, with about 6,000 U.S. troops positioned in Iraq. Just days ago, a senior U.S. military official for the first time made an announcement that the coalition has killed 50,000 ISIS militants over the last two years, marking a milestone in the long fight against terror.

For his part, President-elect Donald Trump has been very firm and vocal in making a commitment to make America " safe and respected again" as he vows to defeat the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism just as America won the Cold War. Specifically, Trump has outlined in his campaign promises that as President he would commit the country to work with our Arab allies and friends in the Middle East in the fight against ISIS.

Trump has also promised " to pursue aggressive joint coalition military operations to crush and destroy ISIS, international cooperation to cut off their funding, expand intelligence sharing and cyber warfare to disrupt and disable their propaganda and recruitment.

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