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Kentucky Police Find Meth Lab within 100 Feet of a Daycare

Law enforcement in Powell County, Kentucky say that drugs have become a serious problem in their jurisdiction, but they never imagined they'd find it so close to children.

A day care in the area, which is around 50 miles southeast of Lexington, had recently called emergency 911 dispatchers to report what they thought may have been a gas leak or some sort of chemical or sewage spill due to a strange aroma which they said was smothering everyone inside their business.

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Children had been coughing and wheezing and they wanted to make sure whatever the smell originated from wasn't toxic.

That's when law enforcement arrived to scope out the problem, and simply couldn't find a source for the foul scent.

After walking through the building, they began to check outside the premises where they suddenly picked up a stronger stench, that seemed to be coming from a house nearby.

As they inspected the outside of the home one of the officer saw a Grape Soda 2 liter in the window with rubber hoses coming from it.

That officer knew immediately that this was actually a methamphetamine lab, albeit a low quality homemade one.

Once police went inside the home they found another lab inside of a bedroom which the owners were using to “cook” their methamphetamine, this time in a Mountain Dew bottle.

Neighbors in the area say that they're stunned, because it's a decent neighborhood but the long arm of criminal activity due to drugs has no boundaries.

"Breaks my heart," a neighbor said. "The people that was doing it, they don't care about kids. They don't care about older people. They don't care about anybody. All they care about is making that drug."

Police say that 35 year old Rena Ritchie, and 56 year old David Bascom were arrested inside the home.

Each of the drug makers are now charged with possession of a controlled substance and wanton endangerment due to the threats to the children and neighbors from the poisonous methamphetamine gasses which swept into their windows.


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