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Photo credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol

Opioid Crisis: 9 Pounds Fentanyl Found During Ohio Traffic Stop

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in cooperation with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says they've stopped a large amount of dangerous narcotics from hitting Ohio streets.

During a traffic stop in which an Ohio State Trooper stopped an SUV being driven by a 43 year old man for speeding on interstate 70 near Preble County, the Trooper says the driver was acting incredibly nervous.

Officers say the man was from Texas and kept changing his story as to why he was in the Ohio Valley, and that he seemed “antsy and was profusely sweating.”

The Ohio State Highway Trooper then called in for backup which brought in narcotics K9 officer, which lead to a search of the SUV.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says that's when they found a whopping 8.8 pounds of fentanyl inside of a backpack and two purses inside the vehicle.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, often used to cut or replace heroin, which is considered around 100 times more powerful than heroin with a tenth of a gram being fatal.

According to law enforcement the Southwest Ohio Drug Task Force is asking Federal prosecutors to seek criminal charges against the Texas Man, who clearly has a cartel based source to have access to so much of the extremely potent narcotic.

Ohio is plagued with an opioid epidemic as heroin and fentanyl kill around 5,000 people a year in just the Buckeye State.


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