By: Earnest Jones | 12-10-2016 | News
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Syria Forces Are Crushing US-Supported Terrorists in Aleppo

The US-backed terrorists are up under attack, reports have it that by the end of the year Aleppo will be free from the US-backed terrorists. The eastern parts of Aleppo have been liberated with 60% being completely free. This echoes reports that were reported by the AMN News back on the 4th of December saying that Syrian forces had a major advance as the Jihadists were struggling to hold ground.

The Republican Guard Troops and the Elite Tiger Forces led the Syrian Arab Army into the Tariq Al-Bab, Karm al-Tarrab, and Al-Jazmati quarters in east Aleppo where they attacked the Jihadist defenses from several angles as the Syrian Arab Air Force gave the troops some aerial support over the area.

The Syrian Arab Army was able to attack the Fatah Halab’a defenses at Tariq Al-Bab in a matter of hours. This gave the Syrian Army some ground to advance. Reports have it that the surrounding neighborhoods are liberated daily leaving the US backed terrorists defenseless.

Reports from Abdullah Muhammad al-Muhaysini who is a terrorist and Jaish al-Fatah who is US supported terrorist said that mounting new offensives was fruitless since the allied forces and the Syrian Army had caused some humiliating defeats against the terrorists.

Reports have indicated that families are going back to the liberated parts of the city following Syria’s General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces urged them to go back home where stability and security was in place.

Fahd Jassem al-Freij who is the Defense Minister of Syria visited neighborhoods that had been liberated as the rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts are already in place including restoration of social amenities.

The field commanders are also formulating plans for the upcoming operations as efforts to liberate the remaining parts of eastern Aleppo are underway. However, several Jihadists have vowed not to surrender as they say that they’ll keep fighting.

The Syrian military reported that the Terrorists have three options; they either surrender, go voluntarily or die. This comes as the Syrian Armed Forces Units continue to unleash large scale military operations against the positions and dens where the mercenary-terrorist are hiding.

Its unfortunate that Obama has terribly failed in his imperial project in Syria. The intervention that Russia made sometime last year

With his tenure weeks from ending, Obama’s imperial project in Syria appears doomed. Russia’s intervention last year made the difference, heading toward handing Washington a stunning defeat.

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