By: Kyle James | 08-26-2017 | News
Photo credit: LEHTIKUVA | Martti Kainulainen

Turku Stabbing Investigation Continues In Finland's First Islamic Militant Attack

The investigation into a knife attack in Turku Finland where 2 people were killed is making progress. The attacker is an 18-year-old Moroccan man named Abderrahman Mechkah who arrived in Finland in 2016 and had been involved in the "asylum process." Police say the man has refused to answer questions and they believe the attack was premeditated. Mechkah targeted women in his stabbing attack but men were among the injured victims when they were stabbed for trying to help the fallen women.

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Authorities have now arrested 3 more men on Friday in connection with the attack with a warrant issued for a fifth. Police raided a home in Varissuo, a suburb of Turku, where they found the 3 additional suspects and they seized a white Fiat Ducato. The attack is Finland's first Islamist militant attack but the National Bureau of Investigation is having a hard time nailing down exactly who these men are and where they are from. The suspects have given conflicting stories and authorities think they are lying about their nationalities and who they are. Detective Superintendent Markus Laine of the National Bureau of Investigation said in an interview with Reuters, "We have reasons to suspect that he has given wrong information to authorities when coming to the country. We can't comment yet on his motives… he has not been willing to answer all questions."

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The National Bureau of Investigation has been collecting photographic and video evidence from the public. They have also reenacted the event as part of standard investigative procedure. Later on in the investigation, two of the 5 men was cleared from wrong doing and released. No statements have been given from the victims at this time.

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