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Florida Man Charged with Stabbing his Mother to Death

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In Palm Coast, Florida, police say they were dispatched to a gruesome scene of blood and madness at a home on 47 Woodhollow Lane, in what they described as a “violent, angry murder”.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said that they have determined that 60-year-old Michele Shimmel had a heated argument with her son, 22-year-old Nathaniel Shimmel, at their home in Palm Coast.

Authorities say she threatened to kick him out of the house if he didn't make an attempt to find a job and focus on getting his life together.

Sheriff's Deputies said that once they arrived at the scene they saw a house covered in blood, with bloody handprints on the walls, puddles of blood on the floor, and a dead woman lying on the front lawn.

Nathaniel then told a detective that he grabbed his mother during the heated argument and threw her to the ground.

He said when she tried to get away from him, he then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started taking swipes at her.

Eventually, he stabbed her in the face and chest. He said after which he panicked, but the thirst for blood had overcome him in a primal rage.

She pleaded with him to stop but he said to investigators that he kept stabbing her and just enjoyed watching her die.

The Sheriff said his mother had collapsed outside the front door and that Nathaniel stabbed her one last time in the back before she finally died.

Law enforcement said that Nathaniel initially called 911 and reported that a robber had broken into their home and killed his mother but later confessed that he was responsible.

In a recording of the call, he can be heard calmly telling a dispatcher that a man wearing a “robber mask” had stabbed his mother at least one time in the back.

He said he was on the family’s back porch when he heard screaming and went to the front yard where he found his mother lying face down while the tall, masked assailant was standing near her.

He said the man fled on foot and Shimmel ran to a friend’s house on Wellshire Lane without assisting his mother.

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Shimmel was charged with one count of first-degree murder, a felony, and has appeared in front of County Judge Melissa Moore Stens, who denied his request for bail. He remains in the Flagler County jail and is set to be arraigned on September the 25th.

“I can tell you that this was a very brutal, a very violent and apparently angry murder,” Sheriff Rick Staly said Thursday afternoon at the agency’s Operations Center.

“We found Michele Shimmel lying face down in the front yard with a knife in her back. She was pronounced dead by paramedics a short time later”, according to Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Strobridge.


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