By Steve Dellar  |  08-25-2017   News
Photo credit: Le Soir

One hour ago, a suspected terrorist attacked a Belgian patrol in the centre of the European capital Brussels with a machete. The military immediately responded with gunfire and shot the man, according to unconfirmed police sources a 30-year old Somali national who was known for several minor criminal facts.

The incident took place right in front of the AG insurance building on the Emile Jacqmain avenue, in the city’s business district.

Although earlier reports stated that the terrorist died, it is now believed that the man is heavily wounded. One of the soldiers also suffered minor wounds.

One witness, Mr Ryan McDonald said on twitter: "Sound of gunshot, heavy police presence outside".

Brussels is no stranger to terrorist attacks. On 22 March last year an Islamic state terrorist cell blew up both the airport and a metro station, killing 30 people.

Just three months ago, a man tried to blow up a bomb in the Brussels central station. Also in this case, the military shot him.


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Anne keei No. 7131 1503695096

I'm so sorry to hear that the police didn't dispatch that filthy terrorist dog trying to destroy European civilization.Thank George Soros

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