By: Earnest Jones | 12-10-2016 | News
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Secret Electronic Command And Control Drill Conducted By A Mysterious Plane Over Denver

The recent events that have unfolded in the U.S. military are just signs of upcoming events. The U.S. military appears to be prepping for a crucial mission that is yet to be known. This comes after an unknown plane from the U.S. Navy was recently spotted over Denver area conducting a classified electronic command and control drill. The Obama’s administration heightened the tensions between Russia and the U.S. However, with Trump’s victory in the presidential election, the tensions have significantly reduced since the president-elect expressed his interest in working with the Kremlins. President Putin also expressed his interest in co-operating with Trump in a statement that he made shortly after Trump’s victory. Despite the significant subside in tensions, there is a probability of the two countries clashing soon, who knows?

In what Denver residents termed as an oval pattern the mysterious plane was spotted as it flew in a race track motion for over an hour. After the many laps, the white mysterious plane was reported to have landed in Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma; despite the mysterious incidence, the Navy finally disclosed the identity of the plane saying that it was an E-6B and confirmed the unusual path the plane followed. However, the mission that the plane was conducting remains classified but several military officials have confirmed that a drill involving the E-6B Mercury doomsday plane was En-route.

Neither the U.S. Northern Command, FAA, US Strategic Command, North American Aerospace Defense Command nor a dozen Air Force Bases confirmed the plane and that’s why it was branded mysterious. However, despite the mission being classified, Hubbell reported that the plane is equipped with Command, Control and Communications abilities that enable the military to direct and employ strategic resources. The plane also has the ability to communicate with nuclear submarines and other diverse assets and also launch missiles. There has been reports that the Department of Defense organized the mission with the sole intent of conducting electronic surveillance, the mission involved other agencies too.

The doomsday planes are ideal in case of emergencies since they can be used as highly-survivable command, control and communications centers to execute war orders, direct forces, and coordinate actions by civil authorities. The E-6B had upgrades that enable it to conduct electronic warfare compared to the E-4B.

Some speculate that the mission was aimed at conducting surveillance, collecting data and detecting drones. However, the plane is superior since it can dominate the civilian population by bringing all ordinary activities to a stop. The plane could also have been used in aggression check since it has capabilities to counterbalance possible hostile intentions from other nations; with President-elect, having been elected, the plane might have been used to conduct aggression checks.

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