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Arkansas Thug Tried to Rob Elderly Woman, Fails, Later Breaks into her Home and Beats Her

Police in Garland County, Arkansas say that an 18 year old man first tried to rob an elderly woman and days later broke into her home and violently beat her.

Rongerald Daytoine Witherspoon, who lives in Hot Springs at a Juniper Place address, was taken into custody shortly after 3:30 PM Wednesday and charged with aggravated residential burglary, punishable by up to life in prison, criminal attempt at aggravated robbery, punishable by up to 30 years, second-degree battery and theft of property over $1,000, both punishable by up to six years.

She said the first incident happened she was looking inside the back seat of her car at 827 Park Avenue.

At that time the suspect displayed a firearm and stated, "I know you have $150." She said she responded "Are you trying to rob me?" at which time the suspect hit her on the head with the end of the gun multiple times, cutting her forehead.

She said she then grabbed a pipe from her back seat to defend herself and the suspect took off running without getting any money from her.

Fortunately a juvenile bystander who witnessed the from called police and gave Hot Springs police a description of the suspect and claimed he recognized him, providing officers with a name and corroborating the woman's story completely.

A few days later the same woman reported a second incident occurred at her home where she was attacked, and her car was stolen by two young men.

She told police she was asleep in her bed around 2 AM when her dogs began barking which caused her to wake up.

The woman said as she sat up in bed, she saw two men creeping down on the stairwell outside. She screamed at them telling them that “they had better leave”, but they attacked her and put a blanket over her head and hit her in the face multiple times.

The elderly woman wasn't a defeatist however and fought back eventually being able to break free and escape her house, while the suspects reportedly stole her purse, a cell phone, and her car keys.

Amidst the chaotic noise a neighbor came out of her apartment and saw the two male suspects standing next to the victim's vehicle trying to get inside of it and recognized one of them.

At this time, the elderly victim tried to stop the two suspects and the older one began to punch her in the face multiple times, before running back to her 2005 Monte Carlo and driving away in the stolen vehicle.

Luckily the woman said she recognized one suspect as the same juvenile who had reported witnessing the previous attempted robbery to the police.

She couldn't identify the other suspect, who was later identified as Witherspoon by authorities.

Officers said after questioning Witherspoon they determined the unknown suspect was the same man that had pulled a gun on her during the attempted robbery.

Hot Springs police said that law enforcement from Center, Texas pulled over a juvenile driving the victim's stolen car.

Earlier this month she identified Witherspoon from a photo lineup as the man who burglarized her home, and she identified the unnamed juvenile as well.

Both have been charged and are now awaiting trial without bond.


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