By: Savannah Smith | 08-25-2017 | News
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From Black to White: Man Spent Years Lightening His Skin to ‘’Look Better”

Obsessed with the desire to “look better”, a black man has spent years and dedicated efforts to turn into a “white” man by lightening his skin using multiple “natural remedies.”

He is coincidentally named Fraink White and he admitted that he’s been trying to control his skin pigmentation since he was a young boy. After much time and effort put on his ‘get white skin ‘ mission, the now 28-year-old White says he is finally happy with the way he looks and has even turned his obsession with whiter skin into good content for his YouTube channel and as a little enterprise with his own line of lightening products.

White shared: “I first originally wanted to lighten my skin to get rid of hyper-pigmentation and that was when I was a child.” Then he realized there was a certain taboo associated with the skin whitening or lightening process that he decided to document his journey and use the opportunity to create unique content for his YouTube channel. He felt that the documentation of his journey to white skin would reduce the stigma with the process. He also wanted to promote safe practice of skin whitening or lightening at the same time.

White bleached his skin with hydrogen peroxide and dramatically lightened the shade of his skin. He also subscribed to the use of kojic acid and papaya soap as a must-have product for anyone undergoing skin lightening process.

He called his product line of skin lightening products as Whitenicious, a business venture he set up with his husband.

Not everyone approves of his choice and journey to have whiter skin. Some have expressed their opposition to what White’s done and doing to his skin via his YouTube channel.

One wrote: “Frank! You are a very handsome man! Stop damaging your skin! It makes me sad that you are giving into the “what is beauty?” You are a black man and you cannot rewind your DNA. Would you do this if you lived in an all black world?”

Another reacted: “Why are you trying to lighten your skin?? Your skin is beautiful.”

A dermatologist, Dr. Anil Budh-Raja, assured, however, that the substances White is using are anti-inflammatory , good for the skin and medically-approved.


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