By: Steve Dellar | 08-25-2017 | Entertainment
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What is all the Fuss about a Deathnote?

Just as summer ends and the evenings tend to get darker and longer, Netflix is about to bring more manga horror to the screen, and this time it is clad in a stylish remake.

Live-adaptation remakes of cartoon and manga hits are here to stay, if Netflix latest release is to be believed.

Death Note takes a page right out of Donnie Darko (the 2001 horror classic featuring Jake Gyllenhaal) as far as setting and screens are regarded in conversations between the main protagonists, but other than that this remake of a popular manga franchise is certainly looking good.

The story is about Light Turner (played by Nat Wolff) who’s been gifted a Death Note, a mysterious notepad allowing him to kill anyone he pleases. The task at hand will be carried out by Ryuk (voice of Willem Dafoe), a live-adaptation death demon in the style of Tim Burton meets Stephen King’s clown Pennywise.

The saga which originated from a manga series that has already led to movies, video games and an own TV show in Japan always seemed like prime real estate for a US intervention.

However, Hollywood has at best a tested record when it comes to adaptations of manga blockbusters. You may recall the Ghost in the Shell adaptation featuring Scarlett Johansson from earlier this year which got a less than warm welcome at the US box office, though it did quite well in the rest of the world. And please don’t get us started on the 2013 US version of South Korean mystery thriller Oldboy, also based on a manga.

Though Death Note seems to be a bit overstuffed for the older cinemagoer, we here at the Goldwater are certain that Netflix’s teen crowd will give it a warm welcome. The darkness and premise of the story resembles that of 13 Reasons Why, which was also a big hit for them.

As they say, and as Netflix enthusiasts we repeat it gladly, fans of the anime series can Netflix and chill on this one. We can assure you that this is how you do remakes.


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