By: Steve Dellar | 08-25-2017 | News
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Of all people, German Press Depicts Trump as Hitler

It would seem the German media are in desperate need of a history lesson. Of all groups of people, you would expect to depict US President Trump as Hitler, for obvious reasons the press in Germany are the last ones you would think of.

Stern Magazine, clearly wanting to shock, has just published a cover depicting President Trump, draped in a US stars and stripes, doing a nazi salute.

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Furthermore, they’ve added the caption “Sein Kampf” (his struggle) along with the cover image, which is a play on words to Hitler’s book.

The piece is accompanied by the sub cation: “Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, Racism: Donald Trump stirs hate in America.”

It comes in the wake of another publication, Der Spiegel, who depicted Trump as the leader of the KKK with the subtitle ‘the true face of Donald Trump’ this week. Even German elections have now shifted to the same topic: the US President.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the Conservative CDU/CSU has such a comfortably big lead in the opinion polls of next month’s national election, that her major rival, Martin Schulz of the Socialist SPD has been accusing her this week of being too soft on Trump, whilst referring to the American president as “this irresponsible man in the White House”.

Merkel seems to have shifted her tack lately and said in an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt this week that Trump is to be respected. As a convinced supporter of the Atlantic alliance between Europe and the US, Merkel understood that Germany is are better off cooperating than working against the US.

She was even very clear when adding: “If you take the president of the United States, whatever differences of opinion there may be, I know he prevailed in a tough election. It wasn’t reserved for him on a silver platter.”

In a further move by Angela Merkel to ease relations between the US and Germany, her party seems ready to agree heightening defense spending to two percent of GDP, which is what the US President had demanded of all European allies during his speech at the opening of the new Nato headquarter in Brussels in May of this year.


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