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Victim Of Hit-And-Run Wakes Up From 6-Week Coma To Tell Her Story

A woman who spent six weeks in a coma is finally awake and speaking about her experience. Michelle Holguin, 53, was the victim of a hit and run by an oblivious driver in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Holguin was riding her bike home from work on July 15th when she was struck and dragged by a car for 100 feet. The driver escaped and images from the hospital just days after showed major injuries, bruises and tubes coming from her nose and mouth. Now, she is finally speaking out about her ordeal.

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Holguin describes the pain she feels after waking up six weeks later and points at her shoulder saying, "I have back pains. This is broken. There’s something out here that’s out of place." She says she doesn't remember anything after the moment she was hit, only that she had just woken up and been told what happened. Holguin held back tears as she describes the accident, "He was Facebooking or something, he was on his phone. He wasn’t looking. He didn’t even see himself hit me. And he just left me there to die – took off. So a lady found me – a nurse, and she knew me. They thought I was a tree or something in the street because he left me in the street, and a lot of stuff was broken. He really – he messed me up big time."

Police found surveillance footage showing the vehicle that struck her pulling into a gas station. The driver gets out to inspect the damage to his vehicle. Police tracked him down and 21-year-old Adrian Perez has charged with failure to remain at the scene of the accident involving serious injury. Holguin's attorney said that she has hundreds of thousands in medical expenses and she may not be able to work again.


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Anonymous No. 7118 2017-08-25 : 11:47

N2N- A extra little digging shows he is a Professional Defendant….

The July 15 hit-and-run was at least his 6th traffic related arrest or citation in less than 2 years.

In 2015, he got 3 tickets, plus another possible Hit & Run which a State Trooper suspected likely involved private property damage, that he tried to pass off as a single car crash.

In the months just prior to this incident: He was charged and/or convicted of resisting arrest, for Drug possession and related items, and fought 2 prior speeding tickets and lost.

For this Felony level incident of Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With Serious Injuries and Tampering With Evidence, his bond was only set at $52,500 and he was required to surrender his passport.

Then to add icing to the cake after the July hit & run. On Aug 3rd, or about 17 days later, he got another speeding ticket.

Possible questions:

Is he a rich brat of some US Elite Class Citizen?

Is he a rich brat here on VISA?

Or he here with Green Card as a foreign national?

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