By: Kyle James | 08-24-2017 | Weird
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Gross: Man Organizes Facebook Users To Leave Dog Poop All Over Rightwing Extremist Gathering

Tuffy Tuffington is a 45-year-old artist who organized a rather strange event on Facebook in response to the right wing group 'Patriot Prayer' that is scheduled to gather Saturday in San Francisco. Tuffington says he wanted to find a way to respond to the rightwing extremists that didn't involve conflict. Well, he certainly did. Tuffy Tuffington asked for dog owners in San Francisco to "Leave your dog poop on Crissy Field", the area the Patriot Prayer gathering is scheduled to take place at.

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People responded in droves bringing their cuddly poaches to defecate all over the place. Tuffington justified his request in the Facebook event page with a disclaimer, "Don't worry! We'll pick it up afterwards!" Good luck with that. So many people will be gathered that most of the stink bombs will probably end up squished into the ground and rubbed into the roadway by tires. Tuffington said, "I just had this image of alt-right people stomping around in the poop. It seemed like a little bit of civil disobedience where we didn’t have to engage with them face to face."

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Some Facebook users even declared their intention to stockpile their dogs poop for days in advance and then bring it to Crissy Field in bags. In the past, when Patriot Prayer has gathered in the Pacific north-west they often leave violence in their wake as counter-protesters show up to do battle in the streets. It is likely the group has found out about the poopy escapades of the locals but the meeting is still scheduled to take place.


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