By: Sanya Carter | 12-09-2016 | News

Donald Trump Selects Fast Food Champion Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary

Andrew Puzder, the fast food CEO is being considered by the President-elect Donald Trump for Labor Secretary.

This is according to a New York Times report that was gathered from a transition officer who was not allowed to address the public on the ongoing process. Puzder is the CEO of CKE Restaurants and he has strongly supported Trump's campaign. The President-elect has his eyes on him for the important position of the Secretary of Labor.

Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are all burger chains under the parent company CKE Restaurants. There Obama's administration has been heavily criticized by Puzder who was against Obama's controversial rule on expanding pay for overtime work, he cited the fact that employers will be forced to make cuts elsewhere in a bid to offset the costs.

The dramatic increase on hold by a Texas court order as a group of 21 state attorneys and businesses strongly challenge the rule which mandates overtime pay for workers who make less than $47,476 annually. Overtime pay attracts a salary cut-off at $23,660.

In a statement made by Puzder on Forbes, he said that the rule is an additional blow to the regulatory maze that Obama's administration has enforced on employers. Pezder questioned when the advocates of progressive economics would understand the fact that you cannot regulate your way to economic prosperity.

Puzder worked as a commercial trial lawyer in St. Loius until 1991 since he has a law degree from Washington University School of Law, he moved to California to be the Carl Karcher's personal attorney. This was a time when Karcher, the founder Carl's Jr. was facing serious financial issues, Pedzer was helping him avoid bankruptcy.

Puzder has had an extensive experience having served as an economic adviser to Mitt Romney's campaign for president and also during the 2012 Republican National Convention as a delegate where he was in the Sub-Committee on the Economy, Job Creation and Debt. This extensive experience will be ideal as Puzder discharges his duties as Secretary of Labor.

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