By: Steve Dellar | 08-24-2017 | News
Photo credit: Jens Dresling

DIY Submarine Murder Turns into 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Plot

Scandinavians are glued to their screens and radios these days for the latest turns in the submarine murder which we reported on twice already. And they are not disappointed as this seems to be turning into a series. HBO better start looking into buying the rights.

Let’s refresh: Danish inventor Peter Madsen, owner of his DIY submarine, had invited a Swedish journalist, Kim Walls, aboard two weeks ago to write a story about him. Miss Walls disappeared, the submarine sank and Madsen claims it was all an accident. Danish police arrested Madsen, found a decapitated body south of Copenhagen two days ago and tested the DNA. Turns out it was indeed the Swedish journalist.

Here’s the latest. Danish police have now re-opened the murder of a 22-year old Japanese tourist who was murdered 30 years ago back in 1986, cut up in pieces and dumped into the sea. The body parts, severed limbs, rump and all, were put in a plastic bag which was later found in pretty much the same place where the Swedish journalist was located. There is only one catch. The inventor of the submarine who is accused of having murdered the Swedish journalist was 15 years old in 1986, so to assume he’s responsible for that one as well would be quite farfetched.

However, if I were a member of the Danish police, I would start re-reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the bestselling book by Swedish author Stieg Larsson.

Given the book’s worldwide acclaim, it was in 2011 turned into a Hollywood blockbuster featuring James Bond’s Daniel Craig. The premise: a journalist is hired by the patriarch of a rich family (played by Christopher Plummer) to investigate the disappearance of his niece, whom went missing at a remote Scandinavian island 40 years earlier. The journalist, played by Craig, finds that (warning, spoiler) a serial killer has been on the loose. Moreover, a son has taken over the killing spree of his father.

Further gruesome details also emerged. Mr Madsen, inventor of the submarine, who still claims Miss Wall died of an accident aboard his submarine, seems to have tried to hide his murder. Police declared that iron chains had unsuccessfully been put around the body parts of the Swedish journalist in order to keep it at the bottom of the sea.


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