By: Red Pill | 08-24-2017 | Weird
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Watch as Alleged UFO Spotted on Fox News over Capitol

A viewer watching Fox News in the morning when for a split second the camera cut to a view above the United States Capitol.

During that few moments of footage an unexplained and enormous yellow or possibly golden object was seen flying in front of the Capitol building.

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The unidentified flying object clearly was in the camera's point of view, but what could it be?

Sometimes conspiracy theories and extraterrestrial tales are just too hard to believe, then there are instances like this where you clearly see something, perhaps military technology, and there is really no explanation for it?

The person who happened to capture the footage, a man from Rolling Meadows, Illinois, who reported it had said, "It flew in front of the Capitol building while I was watching Fox News.”

Alejandro Rojas, who is the radio host for Open Minds Radio, wrote on his site about the incident as well.

"A video was submitted to a UFO investigation organisation showing something zipping in front of the camera during a shot of the US Capitol building on Fox News,” said Rojas. "In the video, the object appears to be cylindrical and shiny.”

I'm not quite sure what it is to be honest with you, but we'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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Anonymous No. 7077 2017-08-24 : 10:47

IF this isn't FAKED ….

and UFO just means "Unidentified" in this case and not space alien …… The US Capitol Building is 752+/- ft long the dome is 96+/- ft ….. The object was on the screen about 1 sec appearing to pass in front of the Capitol dome and in a upward angel at over 752 per sec or at 510 + mph with a bright color and narrow tail.. … So from the angle of upward flight and speed, my bets are it was a ground launched Missile / Mortar artillery or large fireworks device type object, if this wasn't faked..

J Richer No. 7082 2017-08-24 : 11:41

It's just a frisbee…

Anonymous No. 7083 2017-08-24 : 11:44

Ground missile is plausible but wouldnt that put the US into defcon 5?

Anonymous No. 7110 2017-08-25 : 06:35

Snot Rocket

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