By: Earnest Jones | 12-09-2016 | News
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Hillary Clinton Warns Of Danger Of Fake News: Is She Really Genuine?

The world has awakened to the reality of fake news, this has been a tool that the establishment has relied on for a long period. A survey recently proved that most U.S. citizens don’t trust the mainstream media. This has been caused by the recent trend that independent media sources have exposed against the corporate media which is used by the oligarchy to spread misinformation and biased news to further their agenda.

The Ex - Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton made a statement in which she warned against the propagation of fake news, branding it as an epidemic. She added that this epidemic has consequence and that it ought to be addressed since the nation’s democracy is at stake.

This begs the question on whether Hillary Clinton is sincere over her concerns with the proliferation of fake news. Owing to the fact that her campaign in collaboration with the mainstream media were spreading fake news and polls that showed that she was leading in the presidential race, which turned out to be fake. She lost against Trump in a presidential race that was very intense. Despite her campaign spreading fake news about Donald Trump, she still lost. This clearly shows that the U.S. citizens have lost trust in the mainstream media and despite the many efforts of the corporate media in tarnishing Trump’s reputation, he still won the election.

The recent spectacle at Comet Ping Pong restaurant is an ideal example of fake news that the establishment in collaboration with the mainstream media forged a red flag to garner sympathy for the suspects of the Pizzagate scandal.

Its therefore hilarious to see Hillary Clinton addressing the issue of fake news whilst she was involved in propagating fake news.

Clinton alleged that fake news can have real world consequences as she addressed former and current US senators on Capitol Hill where there was a ceremony for Harry Reid, the senator minority leader.

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